Buildings are simply tools used to accomplish the mission. At their best they provide engaging environments, facilitate connections, signal relevance, and provoke worship. Our goal is to use our buildings as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here’s what we plan to accomplish in 2017:



19,000 cars drive by our church every day.  Do they know we are here? Are they compelled to turn in? This year we want to invest in clear and compelling signage both on our building and at Hamilton Rd. These signs are more than just structures, they are invitations.  We must make our community aware that we are here and we care.


We will be creating a more immersive worship experience for our kids. We will do this by expanding the kids’ classroom facilities. We are expanding our infant, toddler, and early childhood rooms to alleviate the crowding. Also, we are adding an IMAX video experience and state of the art service production for our elementary students.  We don’t just want kids to come to church. We want kids to love coming to church.


When you drive onto our property it’s confusing, especially for first-time guests. Which building do I go to? If we want to engage people clear signage is essential. Otherwise, people assume we want them to be confused, or don’t care that they are. Nothing could be further from the truth. This year we hope to update and improve the exterior signage on our main buildings to better serve and reach everyone who steps onto this property.


If we can park more people we can seat more people. If we can seat more people we can serve more people.  Don’t think parking spaces…think families. We want everyone to have a space so they can have a place. This year we hope to add 142 spots to our current lot so that our parking capacity matches our seating capacity. This will allow us to reach 325 to 350 more people each service.