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This year we have prayerfully chosen projects to advance God’s mission in our city and around the world. We will start on our own street and move to the ends of the earth. The projects are big and it will take courage, faith, and generosity from every person to make them become reality. Take a minute to read through this page and pray about how God is calling you to join in. 





Everything we do is focused on reaching and creating disciples of people. Missions is not a department; it’s a mindset that permeates everything we do. Absolutely everything – from a light bulb to a water well – is a link in a divine chain. Our Jerusalem is Columbus, our Judea is Ohio, and our Samaria is America.

Every 'Be a Hero' project has a clear missionary outcome. If we have effective signage we invite 19,000 cars to follow Jesus with us. If we can park another car we can serve another family. If we create engaging kids’ environments we can transform the next generation. If we plant another campus we reach a new pocket of our city. If we remodel a safe house we help restore victims of trafficking. If we translate training materials we equip leaders to bring hope to places we may never go. This isn’t our vision, it’s God’s vision. Our job is to step out in faith and be obedient. This year we are believing God for $1,000,000 above & beyond our normal giving to accomplish these heroic projects.

. . . you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
— Acts 1:8


Buildings are simply tools used to accomplish the mission. At their best they provide engaging environments, facilitate connections, signal relevance, and provoke worship. Our goal is to use our buildings as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here’s what we plan to accomplish in 2017:



19,000 cars drive by our church every day.  Do they know we are here? Are they compelled to turn in? This year we want to invest in clear and compelling signage both on our building and at Hamilton Rd. These signs are more than just structures, they are invitations.  We must make our community aware that we are here and we care.


We will be creating a more immersive worship experience for our kids. We will do this by expanding the kids’ classroom facilities. We are expanding our infant, toddler, and early childhood rooms to alleviate the crowding. Also, we are adding an IMAX video experience and state of the art service production for our elementary students.  We don’t just want kids to come to church. We want kids to love coming to church.


When you drive onto our property it’s confusing, especially for first-time guests. Which building do I go to? If we want to engage people clear signage is essential. Otherwise, people assume we want them to be confused, or don’t care that they are. Nothing could be further from the truth. This year we hope to update and improve the exterior signage on our main buildings to better serve and reach everyone who steps onto this property.


If we can park more people we can seat more people. If we can seat more people we can serve more people.  Don’t think parking spaces…think families. We want everyone to have a space so they can have a place. This year we hope to add 142 spots to our current lot so that our parking capacity matches our seating capacity. This will allow us to reach 325 to 350 more people each service.



This year, One Church will become two campuses. Before our first official service in 2011, we established multiplication as one of our core values.  Having “One” church was never the goal. Every community needs a life-giving church and we must help meet that need. When it comes to church, proximity is important. While our Gahanna location is growing rapidly, we need to proactively and strategically reach across the city. On Easter 2018 we will launch a new campus, at a new location, led by Dustin & Kristi Poole. Dustin will serve as Campus Pastor while Kristi will serve at both campuses with One Church Music. Please join us as we pray & search for the location where God is sending us. If you want to learn more, or are interested in joining the launch team, please fill out the form below!

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In 2016, local law enforcement agencies in Central Ohio reported more potential human trafficking investigations and arrests than ever before. Out of Darkness partners with other organizations to reach, rescue, and restore trafficking victims through outreach and the opening of the area’s only short-term, trauma-informed safe house. We will help build that facility.



Though Arabic-speaking peoples represent one of the larger language blocks in Africa, there are alarmingly few resources available to disciple and equip these believers in their heart language. It is estimated that over 443 million people speak Arabic across Africa and Eurasia. Today, there is a renewed effort in this region to strategically engage this people to ensure they receive a meaningful witness of the gospel. We will partner with Africa’s Hope to translate discipleship and training resources into Arabic so this emerging church will have access to resources that will encourage its growth and development.

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