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Wondering what we're all about? Check out a few photos from our Easter weekend and know that our doors are open to anyone. #OneChurchMyChurch

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If you weren't able to make service this Easter, know that you are always welcome. I hope to see you soon! #OneChurchWelcome

Loving this truth today: “God’s grace makes us comfortable in our skin and God’s truth keeps us from being comfortable in our sin.” So good!  Happy #EasterAtOneChurch! #OneChurchMyChurch

So grateful for friends and family this Easter that I didn't have this time last year. #OneChurchMyChurch


Thankful for a God who would leave the 99 to come rescue me. Happy Easter! #EasterAtOneChurch #OneChurchMyChurch

Reminded this Easter that our God has no rival and no equal. Happy #EasterAtOneChurch! #OneChurchMyChurch

What a powerful #EasterAtOneChurch! Who’s coming with me next weekend? #OneChurchMyChurch

Even though I heard it myself this Easter, I think everyone needs to know--you are enough for God! #Easter #OneChurch


Shareable videos from Easter weekend


Giving Grace

In case you weren't able to join us for Easter weekend, or you'd like to share the message with friends and family, here's a conversation about grace from pastor Greg Ford.


Launch day at our Worthington campus 

If you haven't heard, we just launched a second location of One Church! Check out the a sneak peek of the new location in Worthington.


Recap of the weekend

We put together a short highlight reel of Easter weekend at One Church. Perfect for giving someone an inside view of our church and community.



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Hey! So this may be strange to bring up but I'd rather mention it now than never--do you want to come to a service at One Church with me?  Whatever's convenient for you but let me know what you think!