There is so much noise and competition for attention in the world today, but we believe our message is the most important one to communicate. That of Jesus, His gospel and His church. The Communications Team's mission is to reach disconnected people where they are. We do that through marketing, advertising, graphic design, video, social media and more. 



 Anthony Domine Lead Trekkie

Anthony Domine
Lead Trekkie

Anthony is part of the One Church directional leadership team and oversees all communications efforts. He's also a sci-fi movie geek so if you want to start a conversation, ask him what his favorite movie is. He has like 17 'favorites'...

 Lexi Timbs Communications Admin

Lexi Timbs
Communications Admin

Lexi coordinates meetings, deadlines, and a little bit of everything else behind the scenes to keep us at the top of our game. She's also in charge of morale because she's amazing. Reach out to her for any questions.

 Ethan Burch Video Lead

Ethan Burch
Video Lead

Ethan heads up the video team, overseeing our stories, messages, and ad hoc videos. The man behind the curtain, or lens rather--whatever, he's magic. Hit him up if you'd like to be a part of the video team.

 Zachary Hardison Content Lead

Zachary Hardison
Content Lead

Zach leads the content team in the creation and review of almost everything that involves a message. This does not include Greg, he's awesome on his own. Reach out to him if you're passionate about storytelling.

 Joshua Balderson Web Lead

Joshua Balderson
Web Lead

Joshua guides our digital platform, building an easy and intuitive online experience. We try to avoid crashing the site but he's on call if we do. Drop him a line if you want to help with CSS, developing, or UX.




Message Notes Poster
Social Media Post Schedulers / Scheduler Creators
Social Media Advertising
Style Shoot Leader // Ministry Shots
Special Events Leader (i.e. Easter, Christmas, One Big Party) 
Stories Video Manager
Promo / Highlight Video Leader
Podcast Description Writer
Calendar Manager / What’s Happening Page Director
Social Media Editor Leader
Print Editor Leader
Website Editor Leader
Curriculum Writer
Storyboarder for Videos