Open Your Eyes | Groups Introduction

The Purpose


Inspired to further bring the church together, we are excited to launch a new format which will tie the weekly sermon to all of our awesome groups! We will accomplish this by providing group leaders with a streamlined guide to the weekly sermon. This guide will break down into three areas: the main verse, the main points, and a few questions designed to help inspire your engagement with the message in a way which grows the impact of your group and the impact of all of the groups at One Church!

The goal is to provide guidance and leadership to our group team leaders while enabling them to carry the overall focus of One Church forward with a unique perspective and insight. Part of the strength of the groups rests on each leader's specific and distinct approach to their groups, and the questions will be designed to empower that sense of uniqueness without sacrificing the soundness of the church's focus. In the same way, the main points will help to trickle down the basic truths of the sermon. Finally, the main verse used in the sermon will be provided for personal study and reflection as you lead your group. 


If you have any questions please contact the Groups Director Mike Hoar:

Anthony Domine